Equipment Maintenance

Silos for Cementitious Materials

We provide moisture proof storage and physical separation by means of double bin walls or separate silos. We always check tightness of separation walls in multi-compartment silos by determining accumulation of cement or pozzolan in compartment left in “empty” condition. We also check for accidental “cross-feed” in transfer devices, monitor the high-bin indicators, anti-overfill devices and pressure sensors for correct operations and finally inspect the Dust Collection systems in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.



We provide physical separation of aggregates by type. Periodically empty and inspect the wear of the overhead aggregate bins and keep monitoring transfer devices, turn head limit switches, and full-bin signals for correct operation.

Ingredients used to create concrete

Chemical Admixtures

The admixture storage containers are properly identified with the chemicals stored within. We provide protection against freezing, as required. Freezing of air-entraining agents may cause solids to settle out resulting in wide variations in air content. We used to inspect agitation devices as required to maintain uniform solution densities (e.g., standard calcium chloride solutions). Tanks, hoses, and dispensers for seasonal admixtures should be operated weekly. We always make sure that admixture dispensers are functioning correctly and make sure that sight glasses are clean and are provided with legible graduations. Periodically we check for tank integrity and for leaking hoses and faulty connections.


Batching Equipment

Regarding to our batching equipment we always make sure that weigh batchers remain freely suspended; the scale linkages clean; that wind protection is adequate for cement weigh batchers; there is no binding against the frame or other obstructions (check when weighing capacity loads); and there is no binding of scale cables (at entry port to control house).

Also we insure that the cement weigh batcher is properly vented and there is no back pressure on the scale system from pneumatically charging the cement or pozzolan silos (aerator; or from pneumatic unloading of transportation units).

We monitor batching records for verification of batching accuracy and rotate the sheaves or cable pulleys periodically for uniform wear.

Always making sure that provision for periodically checking the actual admixture discharge into mixer.

Truck Mixers

Always checking for concrete build-up, blade wear, revolution counter in working condition, accuracy of water gauge or meter, and general condition of truck water system (legible quantity indications, clean gauge, and water leaks). Verify the TMMB rating plate for mixing and agitation and the manufacturer’s plate for operating details.

On units with hydraulic slump meters, we verify correlation of hydraulic pressure to slump of standard mixes and load size established.

Products and Quality Control

SBM Co. carries out trials and tests to meet any requirements presented by our customers for any specification. Strength requirements from 15 MPA -100 MPA cubes are produced according to ASTM, BA, ACI and Saudi standards.

Specialty products are fiber, heavy weight, color, water proofing, shot- Crete, micro silica, marine concrete. Field laboratory service vehicles complete test reporting and statistical analysis. Delivery and specification verification pre pour planning, and coordination, proven Mix design.

Temperature control procedures:   

  1. Chilled water 5 C
  2. Shaded aggregates
  3. Chilled aggregate when required
  4. Ice added for free when required
  5. Chemical stabilizer to stop hydration when required