Customer Care

Complaint management is especially challenging for the ready mixed concrete producer. Complaints may be received by virtually any employee of our organization. Drivers, dispatchers, sales personnel, quality control/quality as surance, plant personnel, accounting and management personnel all receive complaints. Complaint receiver should describe how he capture complaints and how the complaints are processed. The company have a simple “Complaint” form on a small pad which they provide to all employees. Regardless of the method that you use to record the complaint, also we always double check the correctness of data and the spelling of names. The correctness in detail assists the acceptance of information by others. It is important to promptly act on even the smallest of complaints.

We deeply believe that delays or inaction may result in further customer dissatisfaction and ultimately in costly litigation. Because of that we should have procedures in place to tabulate complaints and prepare summary reports for management. These reports should be factual and objective.

It is important to remember that all customer complaints and inquiries are not related to concrete. The motoring public may complain about a driver’s driving; a customer may question our invoice; or a neighbor may complain about noise from a plant. Each complaint provides our company with someone else’s perspective of our organization and gives us an opportunity to placate a customer or interested party and improve our processes.