The senior management of our company establishes the significance of quality in our organization. It is important that our senior managers demonstrate their commitment to our company’s quality initiative. There is an investment by the company associated with establishing and maintaining a QMS and supporting future improvements.

This investment will be returned many times over. Our management must be committed to the development and implementation of the QMS and to the continuous improvement of our organization.

The Quality Policy should reflect the quality principles important to our senior management and subsequently our organization. The level of our company’s management commitment to quality should be addressed. The selection of the cement content for the various strength classes of concrete may indicate a certain level of quality, however, the overall (quality related) decision-making process addresses many other important issues. Examples of other quality issues may include a willingness to maintain product quality regardless of competitive pressures or establishing appropriate limits for the re-use of returned concrete.

Vision & Values

The SBM Vision aim is to be trusted by the Stakeholders for the implemented ethics and the product of a good qulity supplied.This approach is to be achieved by a safely working team (management & employees),a perfect integrated quality management system that pays a special attention to enviroment and natural resources and by a system that always looks for a continual improvement.


Policy and Principles are clearly defined our structure how we run our business.We aim :To be the first choice for our customers by providing a high quality ready mix concrete as well best working enviroment for our staff and other interested parties.

Comply with national and international regulatory in our operations and having high ethical and legal standards in business activities.

Devolop sound information and planning systems to solve problems before they arise as well as to work continous improvement in processes and products.

Creating an environment of teamwork as well as improve employees’ awareness, knowledge & commitment toward ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & safety Management System by identify & provide relevant training. Maintain appropriate communication channels with customers, suppliers & statutory/regulatory authorities to ensure that sufficient information on issues concerning quality, environment & safety is available as well as provide internal communication in the company to communicate any changes that having an impact on quality or safety.

Products and Quality Control

SBM Co. carries out trials and tests to meet any requirements presented by our customers for any specification. Strength requirements from 15 MPA -100 MPA cubes are produced according to A.S.T.M, B.A, Saudi standards and A.C.I.

Specialty products are fiber, heavy weight, color, water proofing, shot- Crete, micro silica, marine concrete. Field laboratory service vechiles complete test reporting and statistical analysis. Delivery and specification verification pre pour planning, and coordination, proven Mix design.

Temperature control procedures:   

  1. Chilled water 5 C
  2. Shaded aggregates
  3. Chilled aggregate when required
  4. Ice added for free when required
  5. Chemical stabilizer to stop hydration when required