Products and Quality Control

SBM adopts high quality techniques in the concrete production industry that relate to concrete curing such as retarded concrete and micro silica concrete finishing and curing. SBM Co. carries out...
Ingredients used to create concrete

Chemical Admixtures

For example, the Company may request that each Chemical Admixture supplier(s) should provide: Chemical Admixtures meeting the requirements of ASTM C 494 or C 260 for air entraining admixtures; Recommended...

Fly Ash and Slag Cement

For example, the Company may request that every Fly Ash and Slag supplier should be required to: Provide an original notarized letter of the Manufacturer’s Certification annually, for each product...


Aggregates, as specified, meeting the requirements of ASTM C 33 for normal weight aggregates and ASTM C 330 for lightweight aggregates; A monthly summary of their gradation representing a minimum...


SBM requested that each cement supplier should provide:  Cement, specified by Type, meeting the requirements of ASTM C 150, C 595 and C 1157; Mill Tests Reports, with each shipment...

Equipment Maintenance

We provide moisture proof storage and physical separation by means of double bin walls or separate silos. We always check tightness of separation walls in multi-compartment silos by determining accumulation of